Game of Thrones FANTASY LEAGUE ( Join now! )


Email me or post your team in the comments below by this coming Sunday to join this week!

Damien from Qyburn’s Urgent Care


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13 thoughts on “Game of Thrones FANTASY LEAGUE ( Join now! )

  1. Team: Ask me about my greyworm

    Tyrian Lannister
    Daario naharis

    Davos seaworth
    The mountain

    Podrick Payne
    Grey worm

    Ellaria sand
    Loras Tyrell

    Robin arryn


  2. Crows before Hoes

    Tier 1
    – Tyrion Lannister
    – Jaime Lannister

    Tier 2
    – The Mountain
    – Jon Snow?!

    Tier 3
    – Obara Sand
    – Grey Worm

    Tier 4
    – Ellaria Sand
    – Qyburn

    Tier 5
    – Olly
    – Meera Reed

    Death prediction for week 2: Alliser Thorne

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  3. Team name: F margaery, M daeneyrs, K cersei

    Tier 1: Cersei Lannister
    Jaqen h’ghar

    Tier 2: The mountain
    Ramsay Bolton

    Tier 3: Wun wun
    Theon greyjoy

    Tier 4: Yara greyjoy
    Tormund giantsbane

    Tier 5: ghost
    Meera Reed

    Week 3 death – Alliser thorn (by ghost)

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  4. Team: “This open wound between my legs is really starting to Reek”

    1: bran stark/brienne of tarth

    2:the mountain/Ramsay Bolton

    3: Tommen baratheon/podrick Payne

    4: yara greyjoy/loras tyrell

    5: ghost/meera reed

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