Quote of the Week #66

Grim Reaper: I believe Colonel Mustard did it in the study with the candlestick.

Dead Bill: Sorry, Death, you lose! It was Professor Plum!

Grim Reaper: I said Plum!

Dead Ted: No way! You said Mustard! Can we go back now?

Grim Reaper: Uh, best three out of five!

Dead Ted: I don’t believe this guy!


This week’s quote comes from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, the 1991 comedy sequel to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Keanu Reeves (yes that Keanu) and Alex Winter star as the titular goofy heroes and must beat the Grim Reaper in a series of board games to earn their lives back.

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey will be the focus of our next Sequelthon review so check back soon for more about Keanu’s anti-Neo.

Thanks for reading,

Damien from Flashback/Backslide


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