Quote of the Week #65

Ed Tom Bell: Oh…now that’s aggravatin’

Wendell: Sheriff?

Ed Tom Bell: [points to a bottle of milk] Still sweatin’.

Wendell: Whoa, Sheriff! We just missed him! We gotta circulate this! On Radio!

Ed Tom Bell: Alright. What we circulate? Lookin’ for a man who has recently drunk milk?

Wendell: Ah sheriff that’s aggravating.

Ed Tom Bell: I’m ahead of you there.

Wendell: You think this boy Moss has got any notion of the sorts of sons of bitches that are huntin’ him?

Ed Tom Bell: I don’t know. He ought to. He’s seen the same things I’ve seen and it’s certainly made an impression on me.

In honor of this week’s Coen Brother Movie Tournament final showdown, we’re featuring a line from one of the my all time favorite movies, No Country for Old Men.

Thanks for reading,

Damien from Flashback/Backslide



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