Pixar Tournament Round 2: Down goes Nemo! Down goes Nemo!

Frozone super suitRound 1 is in the books and with it comes our first major upset! It was a tight match but poor #1 see Nemo couldn’t handle the awesomeness of #8 seed Frozone from The Incredibles. Thanks to Samuel L Jackson, “Where is my super suit?!?” might be the most memorable and quotable line from any Pixar movie. What does Nemo have? Sure he dirtied up an aquarium which was …. okay I guess. Nemo dominates the screentime battle between the two characters but Frozone makes the most of his time while Nemo complains about how much his Dad loves him or something.

Nemo Hate gif

Other than Frozone’s upset, the first round was mostly chalk with only a few minor upsets (shout out to 5th seeds Dug and Boo as well as 6th seeds Remy and Anger for advancing). We’ve lost a few films along the way. The two contestants from A Bug’s Life were bounced along with Merida, Brave’s only entry to the tournament. Mater and Lightning McQueen, the two representatives from the Cars Series bowed out as well. The Toy Story Series took a huge hit, losing five of its seven original contestants. The only characters that remain from those three films are #1 overall seed Sheriff Woody and #2 seed Buzz Lightyear.

Big Round 2 matchups include Frozone vs Dug (two of Pixar’s best sidekicks) and Joy vs Elastigirl (two of Pixar’s best female leads. Sorry Merida). Anger from Inside Out goes up against Dory from Finding Nemo as well. As a quick exercise, please imagine Anger and Dory stuck in a room together. How enraged do you think Anger would become with Dory’s forgetfulness? How much fire can erupt from his head?

Anger fire gif

Thanks to everyone who voted! Special thanks to LeBeau’s Le Blog for linking to our tournament! LeBeau is hosting an awesome James Bond tournament right now. Head over and vote! Flex those democratic muscles.


Pixar 2 Froz



  • Monsters Inc. Series (3 of 3 remain): James P. “Sulley” Sullivan (#1), Mike Wazowski (#2), Boo (#5)

  • Inside Out (3/3): Joy (#1), Sadness (#4), Anger (#6)

  • The Incredibles (3/4): Bob “Mr. Incredible” Parr (#3), Helen “Elastigirl” Parr (#4), Frozone (#8)

  • Up (2/3): Carl Fredricksen (#2), Dug (#5)

  • Toy Story Series (2/7): Sheriff Woody (#1 seed), Buzz Lightyear (#2)

  • Ratatouille (1/2): Remy (#6)

  • WALL-E (1/2): WALL-E (#3)

  • Finding Nemo (1/3):  Dory (#2)

  • A Bug’s Life (0/2): ELIMINATED

  • Cars Series (0/2): ELIMINATED

  • Brave (0/1): ELIMINATED

Sadness crying


#1. Sheriff Woody (100%) DEFEATS #8. Stinky Pete (0%)

#5. Boo (54%) DEFEATS #4. EVE (4%)

#3. Mr. Incredible (78%) DEFEATS#6. Merida (22%)

#2. Mike Wazowski (63%) DEFEATS #7. Rex (37%)

#8. Frozone (51%) DEFEATS #1. Nemo (49%) TIED FOR CLOSEST MATCH

#5. Dug (77%) DEFEATS #4. Lightning McQueen (23%)

#6. Anger (58%) DEFEATS #3. Russell (42%)

#2. Dory (53%) DEFEATS #7. Edna Mode (47%)

#1. Joy (58%) DEFEATS #8. Jessie (42%)

#4. Elastigirl (81%) DEFEATS #5. Dot (19%)

#3. WALL-E (82%) DEFEATS#6. Mater (18%)

#2. Buzz Lightyear (96%) DEFEATS #7. Lots-O’-Huggin Bear (4%)

#1. Sulley (79%) DEFEATS#8. Hamm (21%)

#4. Sadness (51%) DEFEATS #5. Marlin (49%) TIED FOR CLOSEST MATCH

#6. Remy (69%) DEFEATS #3. Flik (31%)

#2. Carl Fredricksen (79%) DEFEATS #7. Alfredo Linguini (21%)

Thanks everyone!

Damien from Flashback/Backslide

Woody Goodbye


Inside Out (2015)

Toy Story (1991)

A Bug’s Life (1998)

Toy Story 2 (1999)

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Finding Nemo (2003)

Cars (2006)

The Incredibles (2004)

Ratatouille (2007)

WALL-E (2008)

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Up (2009)

Brave (2012)

Cars 2 (2011)

Monsters University (2013)


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