Finals! Game of Thrones Character Tournament

GOT Bronn gif

Welcome back! We’ve made it to the Finals of the Game of Thrones Character Tournament! It’s hard to imagine a pair of characters with more differences than the two we have left. Conquering the left side of the bracket is Jon Snow, the bastard son of one of the most honorable men in all of Westeros, Eddard Stark. Jon’s story began when he was an insecure teenager who joins the ranks of the Night’s Watch to prove himself. We follow him as he rises through the ranks of the group, and fights on both sides of The Wall and at the top. On the other side of the bracket, Jon faces Bronn, the sellsword who mocks the idea of honor and the characters around him. Bronn has been one of the more entertaining characters over the last few seasons. And Jon is now at the center of the show’s most urgent and interesting storylines.

I’d love to see Bronn and Jon Snow meet in the future. Maybe Bronn runs into trouble and is sent to The Wall to join the Watch. I could spend hours watching him mentor serial-killer-in-the-making Olly. I can only hope for a Bronn & Olly spin-off with the two touring Westeros like an even more absurd Arya & the Hound. It could be the Better Call Saul of Game of Thrones.

Voting is open below! Remember to vote for your favorite character. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

GOT Bracket Finals


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