Trial by Combat! Vote here for your favorite Game of Thrones character.

shireen-davos-gotThe season finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones is barely a week away and it can’t get here any sooner. Coming off of two of the best episodes the series has put out so far, fans are all eager to see how the landscape will shift as the fifth season races to a finish. Over the past five years the show has made a name for itself for its unkind treatment of characters, apparently killing 5,179 people in the first three seasons alone. With all that carnage, its easy to see why fans have developed some severe trust issues. At this point I treat any new character like I would the lackey who goes down to the planet with Captain Kirk at the beginning of each Star Trek episode (who will inevitably be eaten by something). But despite our reservations, some characters still latch on to us and everyone has their favorite. We’ve followed a few characters from the beginning, mourned characters lost, dreaded any wedding (stop getting married people), and welcomed newcomers even if we don’t expect them to make it to the credits of their first episode.

And now is the time to find out who is the best Game of Thrones character. What better way to decide than trial by combat? I created a full 64-seed bracket split into four regions, each with their own #1 seed (NCAA style). The four regions are The Blackwater Bay with #1 overall seed Tyrion Lannister; King’s Landing with his sister Cersei Lannister; The Wall with Jon Snow; and Meereen with Daenerys Targaryen. In each round you can vote for your favorite character among the remaining lot being judged by the gods. At this point I should emphasize that you are not voting for who would win in a one-on-one fight (if that were true, The Night’s King and Drogon, a pair of #15 seeds, would roll into the finals). Instead, vote for your favorite character, however you want to decide that. I admit I’ll be voting for Samwell Tarly over Khal Drogo, no matter how many fish are Facebook friends with Drogo.

Each character’s seed was chosen based on their relative importance to the show and number of appearances they’ve made up to this point. I also stacked the deck a bit to set up more interesting matchups, both in the later rounds and later on (as of now, Tyrion Lannister would have to beat both his father Tywin and his sister Cersei just to make it to the finals). With this many characters in the tournament altogether, I would be surprised if fans aren’t annoyed by the position of at least a dozen characters. The only way to fix that would be to hold a tournament just to decide everyone’s seed for the bigger tournament. And I have no idea how the seeding for that would go, so hopefully this will do and some die-hard Hodor fan won’t mess with our domain name.

NOTE: I divided each region into separate surveys to make it more manageable. You may need to refresh the page after you submit each survey. After you submit one of the four regional polls, the format for the others seems to explode until you refresh.

Check here for a list of characters in case you forget someone’s name. I definitely forgot about a few dearly departed season 1 people.

GOT Bracket (2)

Notable Round 1 matchups:

Blackwater Bay Region:

(1) Tyrion Lannister vs. (16) Shae

(4) Joffrey Baratheon vs. (13) Gendry

King’s Landing Region:

(4) The Hound vs. (13) Ghost the Direwolf

(6) Margaery Tyrell vs (11) Gilly

Meereen Region:

(8) Melisandre vs. (9) Davos Seaworth

(3) Jorah Mormont vs. (14) Grey Worm

The Wall Region:

(5) Theon Greyjoy vs. (12) Ramsay Bolton

(2) Arya Stark vs. (15) Hot Pie

(6) Mance Rayder vs. (11) Jojen and Meera Reed

Let the Gods decide! Round 2 starts tomorrow.

Blackwater Bay Region

Tyrion Region

King’s Landing Region

Cersei Region

Meereen Region

Dany Region

The Wall Region

Jon Region (1)


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