The Winner of the Marvel Movie Tournament!

Marvel Movie TournamentThe votes are in! After five rounds and over a week of voting the Marvel Blogathon is over. And the winner is….

The Guardians of the Galaxy!

In the championship round the Marvel Movie Tournament was down to the newest film in the MCU versus the first film in the series. Iron Man dominated every film it faced in the tournament and easily strolled into the final round while Guardians narrowly beat out Captain America: The Winter Soldier to advance to the championship. Both films stand out for their snarky main character, strong writing and capable humor. But no film could take down the awesome mix that was the Guardians of the Galaxy which carried 54% of the final vote to beat Iron Man.

Marvel Bracket WinnerThank you to everyone who voted! Based on all of your support with this tournament, Flashback/Backslide will hold more tournament style events in the near future. Maybe we’ll decide which was the most insane Nic Cage moment?


“You think you can knock both of my movies out in the first round?!? But you forget…I ALWAYS HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!”



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