Quote of the Week #20

Chinatown Dunaway Nicholson

Mrs. Mulwray: Tell me, Mr. Gittes. Does this often happen to you?

Gittes: What’s that?

Mrs. Mulwray: Well, I’m judging only on the basis of one afternoon and an evening, but, uh, if this is how you go about your work, I’d say you’d be lucky to, uh, get through a whole day.

Gittes: Actually, this hasn’t happened to me for a long time.

Mrs. Mulwray: When was the last time?

Gittes: Why?

Mrs. Mulwray: It’s an innocent question.

Gittes: In Chinatown.

Mrs. Mulwray: What were you doing there?

Gittes: Working for the District Attorney.

Mrs. Mulwray: Doing what?

Gittes: As little as possible.

Mrs. Mulwray: The District Attorney gives his men advice like that?

Gittes: They do in Chinatown.

Check back later this week for a Flashback/Backslide review of Roman Polanski’s film noir classic.

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