And the Academy Award for Best Beard goes to…

The Bearded OscarThe 87th Academy Awards will be presented later tonight but Flashback/Backslide has been given the exclusive honor of announcing one of the Oscar winners before the ceremony starts, right here on Flashback/Backslide. There were a lot of great candidates this year but the nominees below stood out for their exceptional work in facial hair growth.

The Nominees for Best Beard are:

Cooper Beard

Bradley Cooper, American Sniper
This is Bradley’s second nomination following his Oscar nomination for American Hustle.

Hardy Beard

Tom Hardy, Locke
This is Hardy’s first nomination. He won the BAFTA for his beard work in Peaky Blinders.


Ian McKellen, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
A truly controversial nomination given the allegations that McKellen used a beard alternate or extensions to achieve his sensational fluffiness.

Freeman Beard

Morgan Freeman, The LEGO Movie
Many have praised the Academy’s nomination of Freeman as extraordinarily progressive. Freeman’s nomination marks the first time the category has included a beard from an animated film.

Shia Beard

Shia LeBeouf, The Music Video to “Elastic Heart
LeBeouf was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Mustache earlier this year for his surprisingly capable mustache in Fury. Interestingly he also won the Razzie for Worst Mustache this year, also for Fury.

And the Bearded Statue goes to…

Hercules beard

Dwayne Johnson, Hercules
A runaway favorite to win this year’s Academy Award, Johnson’s beard showed the range and charisma Academy voters love. Plus the beard starred in a historical drama, a characteristic which always gets extra points from the Academy. Fans eagerly await Johnson’s next bearded work.

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