Flashback/Backslide goes to Europe!


Arriverderci ‘Merica,

I will be leaving the Land of Freedom and Big Macs and heading to Europe for the next month. I’ll be traveling through Central Europe and Scandinavia with some Southern stops along the way.

My bag is packed with all the essentials; American flag underwear, 1,000 laminated copies of the Constitution to hand out, dozens of ketchup packets, and a fanny pack to hold it all.

While away I likely will not be able to reply to comments or emails but I will try to keep up and will arrange to have Marvelthon Guest Reviews posted as scheduled. Depending on my internet connection, I will try to post pictures to show my ‘Merican brothers what life is like in countries where governments don’t give every newborn a pet bald eagle and where you can only find 128 oz Cokes in grocery stores and not cafés.

First order of business: ordering a Royal with Cheese.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Damien from Flashback/Backslide



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