Movierob reviews Elektra


The next installment in the Marvel Blogathon comes from Movierob who reviewed Elektra (2005). We will see much more of Movierob as the Marvel Blogathon continues but in the meantime check out his site to read his always growing list of reviews and his Genre Guesstimation feature which covers a new genre of films each month.

Thanks for the review Rob!

elektra“Don’t look for your opponent. Know where he is. I’m blind, and I see more than any of you, because I don’t look. ” – Stick

Number of Times Seen – 1 (15 Jan 2015)

Brief Synopsis – After being resurrected, a female warrior named Elektra becomes an assassin for hire and is sent to protect a man and his daughter.

My Take on it – Truth is there isn’t too much to say about this movie because it’s so bad.

Even Jennifer Garner thought it was horrendous, but only followed through because of the contract she signed when she made Daredevil two years beforehand.

This movie was also filmed superfast because both Garner and fellow lead here Goran Visnjic were both on hiatus from their respective TV shows at the time (Alias for her and ER for him).

None of the characters seem fleshed out enough and when dealing with meta-humans, it’s sorta a prerequisite in order for the audience to know what to expect superpower-wise.

The villains were all pretty weak and didn’t give enough of a fight, but that’s ok, because the fight scenes themselves aren’t memorable at all either

Certain movies should never be made, and I think this movie should be on that list.

Bottom Line – Complete waste of time.  There are so many good (and even a few GREAT) Marvel movies out there, don’t waste even a minute on this one.

Rating – Razzie Worthy, 3/10.


Thor WinkFlashback/Backslide’s Marvel Blogathon continues Monday, January 26th with a review of X2: X-Men United (2003)! Check out the most recent entry in the Blogathon; a review of 2003’s Daredevil written by John Link Movies.  And make sure you head over to the site of today’s contributor Movierob.

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