Quote of the Week #7

Imitation Game

Alan Turing: I like solving problems, Commander. And Enigma is the most difficult problem in the world.

Commander Denniston: Enigma isn’t difficult, it’s impossible. The Americans, the Russians, the French, the Germans, everyone thinks Enigma is unbreakable.

Alan Turing: Good. Let me try and we’ll know for sure, won’t we?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Charles Dance in an exchange from The Imitation Game, which squares off against Eddie Redmayne and The Theory of Everything in this year’s “Battle of the British Biopics.” Cumberbatch’s portrayal of mathematician Alan Turning has landed him on this year’s shortlist of Best Actor Oscar favorites. Earlier this week he was nominated for the BAFTA.

Flashback/Backslide will post a full review of The Imitation Game  this week.


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