Reading List #1

If you have some free time this weekend and are looking for some light reading, why not read about Russian cinema? The articles below might interest die-hard film buffs and as well as the more casual movie fans:

1. Video: The History of Editing, Eisenstein, & the Soviet Montage.

 By: V Renee, No Film School. February 13, 2014


2. Russia’s non-heroes paint a gloomy history

Trial on the Road

By Esteban Colombet, Buenos Aires Herald. November 25, 2014


3. Russian Blues: Andrei Zvyagintsev on Elena

Interview Magazine


By: Gillian Mohney for


4. Movie Review: Night Watch / Day Watch

Combo Poster

By: Flashback/Backslide and the World of Shameless Plugs. September 30, 2014.

Happy reading!



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