Quote of the Week #1

The Return

Ivan: Mum! He ripped my shirt!
Andrey: He’s lying! He busted my lip!
Mat: Hush, both of you.
Ivan: Mum…
Mat: I said quiet! Dad’s sleeping!
Ivan: Who?
Andrey: Who’s sleeping?
Mat: Your father.

-The Return (2003)

Ivan and Andrey, two brothers in  Andrey Zvyagintsev’s The Return, rush home to their mother after getting into a fistfight. Upon finding their mother Mat they discover that their father, whom they have never met, has returned home. The picture above shows their expressions as they open the bedroom door and see the man for the first time. Zvyagintsev is the Flashback/Backslide Director of the Month. His newest film, Leviathan, was released at Cannes this spring where it won the Award for Best Screenplay.

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