Social Media Explosion

So now that my baby (this blog) is growing up a little bit, I’ve decided to take her/him (I haven’t really decided on a fake gender yet) out around town on different play dates. Soon you will be able to access FB/BS on (our original home), Facebook, Twitter, and Bloglovin. Bear with us as we go through these growing pains together. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to send out some woofs in the near future.



4 thoughts on “Social Media Explosion

    • You know, I’m not really sure about all the benefits. It allows you to more easily follow (and be followed) by blogs run on disparate platforms. I mainly signed up because a lot of the blogs I really enjoy have accounts and I wanted to follow them there and find new blogs on the site.

      The recent post by Kitty D over at was the final push that led me to sign up. In the post she says:

      Finally I believe the four most important social tools for bloggers are – Instagram, Tumblr, Bloglovin and Twitter. Instagram is there to show off your lovely photos, to have them all beautifully edited to make your photos all lovely. Tumblr is one to express your views via the form of photos and gifs and its always great if you can put a link to your blog on there too!!

      Bloglovin I believe is essential. Not everyone is on the blogging platform that you use ie, wordpress users cannot follow through one button someone who has a Blogger account and vice versa. Bloglovin allows for users to follow each other on one platform and ease of reading as well! Also great for sharing.


      I hope that helps. I’m still new to the other sites (and pretty new to my platform on so I’m learning as I go.


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